Our skin protects us from infections, produces vitamin D when exposed to the sun, regulates our temperature and is often a good indicator of our health... we can thank our skin by giving it the nutrients it needs.

Key beneficial nutrients

  • Selenium

A vital antioxidant which protects cells constituents from oxidative stress

  • Vitamin A

Is necessary for maintaining the health of your skin & mucuous membranes ie. the lubricating lining of your organs and internal surfaces of your body.

  • Vitamin C

Contributes to the normal function of collagen, the protein that helps skin elasticity & texture

  • Zinc

Helps maintain skin health

  • Copper

Supports your skin pigmentation

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A look inside the body

Ever wondered what role vitamins & nutrients play in your body? The Centrum Body map is a great tool to understand how nutrients help and interact with certain body parts and how vital they are to your overall health. Click on each body part to learn more.

Body map


Like Rome, bones were not built in one day! And in fact babies have around 305 bones in their body which will gradually fuse together and form 206 stronger bones in adulthood... a long process of growing, fusing and strengthening helped by some key vitamins & minerals.

Key beneficial nutrients

  • Calcium

99% of the calcium in our body is stored in our bones & teeth so it’s an essential nutrient to maintain their structure and functioning

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D is central to a strong skeleton as it helps calcium absorption, and also supports bone growth in children



The human heart is an extraordinary organ, beating 80,000 to 100,000 times a day and pumping the vital blood delivering oxygen throughout the body. Getting regular exercise and taking a healthy amount of the right nutrients are two steps which can help keep your heart at its healthiest.

Key beneficial nutrients

  • Vitamin B1

Contributes to the normal heart function

  • Omega 3

The DHA and EPA found in Omega 3 help maintain a normal cardiac function 1

1 Beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 250mg of DHA & EPA



Our eyes are very sensitive and full of delicate nerves. To maintain good vision, make sure you get regular eye tests, protect your eyes from the sun and try to maintain a balanced diet full of key vitamins and minerals.

Key beneficial nutrients

  • Vitamin A

Supports eye health as it maintains the integrity of the cornea, the transparent layer forming the front of the eye

  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)


The brain

Your brain has one of the toughest job in your body! It performs an array of neurological, cognitive or psychological functions from reasoning, learning, speaking to concentrating and so much more! So making sure it gets the recommended level of key nutrients on a daily basis is essential.

Key beneficial nutrients

  • Vitamin B12

Help support neurological and psychological functions

  • Vitamin C

Supports the normal function of the nervous system

  • Panthotenic Acid

Contributes to normal mental performance

  • Iron

Contributes to normal cognitive functions

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