A happy family cooking in the kitchen
A happy family cooking in the kitchen

The Centrum Philosophy

A decades-long focus on healthy nutrition

We've been focusing on healthy nutrition for decades!

The motivation of Centrum's founder, Dr. Ellenbogen, to provide you with high quality nutritional support, lies at the heart of the Centrum brand. Since the first A-Zinc formula was developed, many other important supplements with carefully selected micronutrients have been created. Thereby helping to supply essential nutrients to help meet your body's needs. Centrum always applies, and meets, the highest quality standards and promises reliability, using high- quality micronutrients. Centrum is scientifcally formulated to help fulfill your nutritional needs.

Centrum Believe in the Pursuit of Excellence

On a daily basis, Centrum commits to supplying you with nutritional supplements for a balanced and varied diet using only the highest quality ingredients.

Following a longstanding tradition, research at Centrum is always based on the latest findings of nutritional science. The main focus is on the ingredients that the experts at Centrum see as having the greatest potential. Their developers search tirelessly for effective extracts that can inspire new innovative product formula leading to high quality nutritional supplements for you.

Quality You Can Trust

To ensure that all Centrum products meet the highest quality and standard, Centrum not only ensures that they comply with EU food safety laws, but also strictly follow internal guidelines set by the company itself.

    To maintain these high standards, the below assessments are put in place...  

    • All Centrum products undergo meticulous analysis and rigorous quality controls during the manufacturing process
    • The raw materials are exclusively sourced from suppliers who are certified and carefully evaluated in advance
    • Centrum suppliers are subject to regular inspections and audits
    • Every Centrum product must pass these quality checks before it reaches you

    A Tradition of Innovation

    With their tireless dedication to innovation, the experts at Centrum work with a select group of long-term partners to ensure they keep developing and supplying essential micronutrients to help meet your needs.

    To create the ideal formula, each ingredient must be evaluated and selected by meeting exact quality standards.

    With multiple nutrients to choose from, many decisions need to be carefully considered to make the optimal formulas.

    The formula is carefully crafted. To create an ideal formula, each ingredient must be evaluated and selected by meeting quality standards, to ensure that the result meets our high expectations. A true balancing act and the basis for every Centrum formula. Our experts consider the latest scientific findings before carefully selecting the appropriate micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements) that are required, depending on the area of application. Our experts make precise calculations to determine which ingredients make the optimum formulas.

    Centrum is the No. 1 multivitamin brand globally. [*]

    • *IQVIA, MAT January 2018 (packs sold)

    Centrum products at a glance

    Product visual of Centrum Advance

    Centrum Advance

    Centrum Advance is designed to help fulfil your nutritional needs* with multivitamins to support your everyday health.1[*]

    • *IQVIA, MAT January 2018 (packs sold)
    Product visual of Centrum Women

    Centrum Women

    Centrum Women is made with adjusted levels of micronutrients to support the specific nutritional needs of women[4].2

    • 4Contains Iron and Folic Acid which supports normal blood formation
    Product visual of Centrum Men

    Centrum Men

    Centrum Men is made with key micronutrients to specifically support men's nutritional needs[3].3

    • 3Contains Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D which contributes to normal muscle function.
    Product visual of Centrum Fruity Chewables

    Centrum Fruity Chewables

    Centrum Fruity Chewables combine essential vitamins with a delicious citrus berry flavour.1

    Product visual of Centrum MultiGummies

    Centrum MultiGummies

    Centrum Multigummies are an easy way to get a balanced blend of nutrients on a daily basis, available in two delicious flavours.1

    Product visual of Centrum Performance

    Centrum Performance

    Centrum Performance is a daily multivitamin with Ginseng to support physical performance to suit an active lifestyle1

    Product visual of Centrum Men 50+

    Centrum Men 50+

    Why not try Centrum Men 50+? A multivitamin which supports the changing nutritional needs of men over 50.1

    Product visual of Centrum Women 50+

    Centrum Women 50+

    If you want to keep feeling your very best, you may benefit from the tailored support of Centrum Women 50+ multivitamins4.