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Centrum MultiGummies

The deliciously fruity way to get your vitamins and minerals

Centrum MultiGummies combine important micronutrients in an easy, deliciously fruity chewable form.1

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Selected micronutrients such as Vitamin D which helps maintain normal immune function and Vitamin B6 which helps energy release

Chewable and can be taken whenever and wherever you want

A supplement that supports your diet with high quality micronutrients 

Backed by over 35 years of nutritional expertise

Supports the general wellbeing of adults

A Delicious Supplement for When You're On-the-go

Sometimes you might feel like you are not managing to eat a healthy and balanced diet, due to a busy lifestyle. If you are finding it difficult you may benefit from taking a multivitamin like Centrum MultiGummies.

Guy with bike in front of sun
Guy with bike in front of sun

Micronutrients are essential for not only a healthy diet but a healthy lifestyle. The nutrient formula for Centrum MultiGummies was developed by experts to combine important vitamins into an easy to take supplement. Vitamin D is a good example, and is necessary for normal functioning of the immune system. Therefore, Centrum MultiGummies is a simple, yet valuable dietary supplement for adults.

Centrum MultiGummies are available from all major supermarkets or pharmacies.

Recommended Use

For adults, take 2 gummies per day. Chew until fully dissolved.

Important Information

  • Nutritional supplements should not be taken as a substitute for a balanced, varied diet and a healthy lifestyle
  • The recommended daily consumption must not be exceeded





per 1 (2) tablet(s) 


per 1 (2) tablet(s)[*]

Vitamin A (RE) 330 (660) µg 41 (82)%
Vitamin E (α-TE) 5 (10) mg 42 (83)%
Vitamin C 40 (80) mg 50 (100)%
Vitamin B6 0.8 (1.6) mg 57 (114)%
Vitamin B12 1.0 (2.0) µg 40 (80) %
Vitamin D 5 (10) µg 100 (200) %
Biotin 12 (24) µg 24 (48)%
Niacin (NE) 8 (16) mg 50 (100)%
Iodine 50 (100) µg 33 (66)%
Zinc 2.8 (5.6) mg 28 (56) %

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  • *NRV: Reference value as specified in the EU Food Information Directive.