Woman sitting at a her workspace
Woman sitting at a her workspace

De-stress With Proper Nutrition

When your stress levels are high good nutrition can help you stay on top of things.
See how nutrition lends a hand in fighting stress.

Taking Control of Your Stress Cycle

Infographic about stress.
Infographic about stress.

Don't let stress get the better of you

Centrum has a multivitamin to support you on your wellness journey

Product visual of Centrum Performance

Centrum Performance

Centrum Performance is a daily multivitamin with Ginseng to support physical performance to suit an active lifestyle1

Product visual of Centrum Advance

Centrum Advance

Centrum Advance is designed to help fulfil your nutritional needs* with multivitamins to support your everyday health.1[*]

  • *IQVIA, MAT January 2018 (packs sold)
Product visual of Centrum Men

Centrum Men

Centrum Men is made with key micronutrients to specifically support men's nutritional needs[3].3

  • 3Contains Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D which contributes to normal muscle function.
Product visual of Centrum Women

Centrum Women

Centrum Women is made with adjusted levels of micronutrients to support the specific nutritional needs of women[4].2

  • 4Contains Iron and Folic Acid which supports normal blood formation